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Crosby Hires Jon Backes

Posted by Crosby on Mar 28, 2017 12:15:59 PM

Crosby Hires Jon Backes as the General Manager, Tulsa

Crosby is pleased to announce that Jon Backes will be joining the company in the position of General Manager, Tulsa.John_Backes.jpg

Jon comes to us from Culligan International, Rosemont, IL, where he was responsible for directing multiple distribution and manufacturing sites. He has success in operations management, creating cross-functional team leadership, global logistics operations, customer relationship management and strategy deployment.


Jon will be tasked with driving transformational change in the Tulsa site as it relates to Safety, Quality and Delivery. Jon will also be responsible for implementing new directives for growth and better efficiency, which will result in a more customer-focused organization. 

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Crosby Hires Melissa Phillips

Posted by Crosby on Feb 17, 2017 1:42:47 PM

Crosby Hires Melissa Phillips as the OEM Sales Director

Crosby is  pleased to announce that we are expanding the Crosby Sales force to provide enhanced customer focus and support to our OEM Customers.Melissa Phillips.jpg

Melissa Phillips has recently joined Crosby in the position of OEM Sales Director.

Melissa comes to Crosby from Ahlstrom Filtration where she oversaw OEM customers with annual sales exceeding $70 million.  She brings with her the experience of partnering with OEM customers to understand their needs and challenges and then developing strategies that will support these customers.

This is an exciting addition to the Crosby team that will continue our focus of putting the customers first.


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Crosby - February 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Crosby on Feb 1, 2017 7:19:00 AM

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Crosby - August 2016 Newsletter

Posted by Crosby on Aug 15, 2016 9:38:46 AM


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Kyle Teynor's Crosby Tattoo

Posted by Crosby on Jul 18, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Kyle Teynor's Crosby tattoo is a striking example of the passion we at Crosby see for our kyle_teynor_tattoo.jpgbrand on a regular basis—only Kyle took his enthusiasm into art. “I really don’t trust anything that’s not a Crosby, if it’s going to be anywhere near my head or above me," says Kyle. "Most of the people I’ve worked for, most of the contractors, that’s all we use is Crosby.” The tattoo is inspired by a 6.5 ton Crosby shackle. It’s this level of excitement and loyalty that we see in our customers each day that fuels our passion to continue with the Crosby tradition: providing innovation, selection, quality, and value to our customers worldwide—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Click here to read more about Kyle.


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Customer Spotlight – John Glinski the TZC’s Safety Manager for Cranes & Rigging

Posted by Crosby on Oct 14, 2015 7:00:00 AM

John Glinski is a seasoned professional in the construction industry with over 30 years of experience. His current position as Safety Manager for Cranes and Rigging on the Tappan Zee Replacement project – the largest bridge and highway infrastructure project in the country – holds him responsible for over 30 cranes, including the Left Coast Lifter, one of the largest floating cranes in the world.

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Employee Spotlight: Danny Bishop

Posted by Crosby on Oct 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM

In our Employee Highlight series, we will be introducing you to various Crosby Team Members. Many are old pros you may know, others are new and some have been with us a while but haven't been in the limelight much. This time the spotlight is on Danny Bishop Corporate Director of Training.

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Posted by Crosby on Sep 15, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Colin Basinger is this months Employee Highlight. Colin is the National Sales Manager for Crosby and operates from our offices in Brampton, Canada. He is a 7-year veteran with Crosby.

What do you enjoy most about your job? colinbasinger

I enjoy the people I work with but also the people in our industry. I have been in this industry for over 32 years and have worked with many of our customers for years. Not only are they business associates but I am also fortunate to consider many of them friends. Every day brings a new challenge and new questions on the use of Crosby products. There is always something new to learn even after 32 years.

What are some of the activities you enjoy the most outside of work? 

My wife and I enjoy cycling, just for recreation, although she did sign us up for a charity ride of 720 kms in 7 days a few years back. I also enjoy doing home improvement projects and helping family and friends with their projects as well. 

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Thumbs up to Danny Bishop and the Crosby training team from Canby Excavation

Posted by Crosby on Aug 11, 2015 10:11:00 AM

At Crosby, we love to hear from our customers and we like to brag on our team members when they deserve an, “Adda Boy.”

Thumbs up to Danny Bishop and the Crosby training team from Canby Excavation:
"Just a quick note from field operations and our company safety staff. Your time and efforts regarding training updates and reminders are greatly appreciated by crewmembers and myself.  We believe the timing of your messages is perfect, not to many to ignore and not to few to forget.  Each short session brings us back to thinking about the basics of rigging and the 100% commitment to our culture of safety. Please stay the course with your training programs and know you and your staff are greatly appreciated by many of us in the field.  Have a fantastic week ahead as we plan to do the same." 

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Posted by Crosby on Jul 31, 2015 2:00:00 PM

In our Employee Highlight series, we will be introducing you to various Crosby Team Members. Many are old pros you may know, others are new and some have been with us a while but haven't been in the limelight much. The first up is Mike Wheeler, Director of Marketing. M_Wheeler

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