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Custom Metal Fabrication Company Switches to Crosby HR-125 Hoist Rings

Posted by Crosby on Sep 6, 2018 1:23:53 PM

Recently, Leo Marquis, Crosby District Sales Manager and Product Trainer, and one of our strategic distribution partners set up a Crosby On-Site Safe Rigging Clinic with the Crosby Rig Safe, Rig Smart truck with a Florida based end-user. The end-user specializes in custom metal fabrication, CNC machining, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), welding, electrical & mechanical design, assembly & finishing services.


They were using a competitor’s eye bolts for lifting points on various pieces of fabricated equipment.

After Crosby trained the end-user on some of the key benefits of Crosby hoist rings over the competitor’s eye bolts, the safety manager made the decision that hoist rings, overall would be a safer option. 

        image-6                                   vs.                      image-7


How did Crosby win?

During the Crosby On-Site Safe Rigging Clinic, Leo was able to educate the end-user on Crosby’s advantages.

Safety advantage:

            No need to calculate reduced capacities at different angles.

            No risk of out of alignment with sling.

Performance advantage:

            No loss of working load limit (WLL) at any angle

            Higher capacities for heavier lifts

Training advantage:

            Crosby offered to provide additional training on the fundamentals of rigging.

The Results

The Florida based end-user now specs in Crosby HR-125 hoist rings for all their lifting  applications.

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