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Posted by Crosby on Sep 23, 2016 6:00:00 AM

The Crosby QUIC-CHECK V4: A Better Inspection System Built by Crosby RFID Experts.

Here’s how we’re better:
• Significantly faster and more responsive even with large databases
• Available for both iOS and Android smartphones
• Using a secure cloud database means: A) changes made on one device or platform are immediately reflected on all others, B) sharing data between users is much easier and faster, C) no need to sync a handheld PDA; data is synchronized wirelessly, D) the cloud database is easily scaled as demand and file size increases
• Use smartphones as the mobile device. No need for an expensive handheld PDA
• Bluetooth RFID scanner connects wirelessly to the user's smartphone
• Store-ahead technology for data input without an Internet connection; syncs to the cloud once connectivity is established
• Use smartphone camera to document discrepancies during inspection
• E-mail notifications of upcoming and overdue inspections

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