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Kyle Teynor's Crosby Tattoo

Posted by Crosby on Jul 18, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Kyle Teynor's Crosby tattoo is a striking example of the passion we at Crosby see for our kyle_teynor_tattoo.jpgbrand on a regular basis—only Kyle took his enthusiasm into art. “I really don’t trust anything that’s not a Crosby, if it’s going to be anywhere near my head or above me," says Kyle. "Most of the people I’ve worked for, most of the contractors, that’s all we use is Crosby.” The tattoo is inspired by a 6.5 ton Crosby shackle. It’s this level of excitement and loyalty that we see in our customers each day that fuels our passion to continue with the Crosby tradition: providing innovation, selection, quality, and value to our customers worldwide—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Click here to read more about Kyle.


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