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Crosby - February 2016 Newsletter

Posted by Crosby on Feb 8, 2016 5:00:00 AM



Six things you’ll love about the new online Crosby catalog

There are a lot of things we take great pride in at Crosby. From our stellar training programs to our comprehensive product line to the 130+ years of expertise leading the rigging, lifting, and material handling industries. However, when it comes to accomplishments we love to boast about, you’re always guaranteed to see the Crosby catalog at the top of the list.

The Crosby catalog sets the industry standard by offering an unmatched variety of products, product drawings, product dimensions, and product application information. It’s one of the best, most comprehensive resources created during our company’s history and now…it’s even better.

The new Crosby online catalog, recently released February 1st, has a fresh look, feel, and functionality that makes finding the perfect Crosby products easier and more efficient. There are many reasons why the Crosby catalog should be the go-to guide for your rigging, lifting, and material handling needs, but here is our list of the top six reasons to love the new Crosby online catalog.

1)   It’s simple

The design and functionality of the new Crosby catalog are driven by a core concept: simplicity. Organizing the structure and applying a clean, visual design layout makes it easier to find the products you need. You’ll find all the same product and application information you’ve come to depend on (plus many new resources), presented in a simple design that’s easy to navigate.

2)   The product categories are awesome

The hundreds of Crosby products that compose our product line are organized into 13 primary product categories. When you click on a product category from the main menu—let’s say shackles—you will be presented with the product names, product numbers, and thumbnail images of the shackles in our product line (both on the main page and in the sidebar). Many of the product categories include additional sections on Crosby Value Added features and warning and application information—making it easy to quickly locate this important information. In addition to the 13 product categories, you will also find two categories for rigging information and the Crosby Quality Continuum. It’s a great way to organize and a great way to search.

3)   The on-screen experience perfectly simulates the physical catalog

When you start browsing through the new Crosby catalog, you’ll discover that you can interact with it in the same way you would if you had a physical copy in your hands. The individual product pages provide you with the ability to zoom and click through to next/previous pages and sections, while the main and sidebar menus enable you to quickly flip to different product categories. You can also download a PDF version of a catalog page and view a page in different languages (including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, etc.) by selecting from the language dropdown options.

4)   The product pages have a bold, clean design

The first time you pull up a product page on the new Crosby catalog, you’ll instantly experience the benefits of the simplified layout and design. You will find the exact information, specifications, and dimensional charts you’re used to seeing in the Crosby catalog presented in an easier-to-read, cleaner, more visual format. Also expect to see new graphics, resources, and “behind the scenes” product application highlights.

5)   Images galore

A wealth of images help make the new Crosby catalog both more engaging and easier to navigate. The product page header images immediately give you an idea of the types of products you can expect to find for different applications, which creates a perfect starting point for those viewing the Crosby catalog for the first time. In addition, every product in the new online catalog has a featured image, which appears as a thumbnail in the product listing, as well as in the sidebar when you hover over the product name.

6)   It’s mobile friendly

One of the biggest advantages of the new online Crosby catalog is that it is fully optimized for mobile and small screen viewing. As a result, this means that you can have the industry-leading Crosby catalog instantly accessible at any time from your mobile device. The simplicity of the design translates perfectly for the small screen while keeping the same visual elements and functionality.




How Crosby Easy-Loc V2 will completely change the way you make your next critical lift

If you’ve been in the lifting, rigging, or material handling industries for a while, you know that it can be easy to get locked into a routine. Same types of equipment, same methods—the same tried and true approach applied for every lift. However, even the most familiar routines sometimes need to be shaken up to add a dose of vitality, innovation, and efficiency—to make a good routine even better…which is exactly what the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 shackle bolt securement system is designed to accomplish.

The Crosby Easy-Loc V2 is the latest Crosby innovation designed to completely change (and improve) the approach to shackle bolt securement for critical lifts. Here’s how the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 gets it done:

Saves time and money

The Crosby Easy-Loc V2 reduces bolt install and release times by up to 90 percent. You read it correctly—90 percent. This is due to the fact that cotter pins, nuts, and additional tools are not required. The combination of reduced equipment and more efficient installation times saves valuable time on the job, as well as project budget spending.  In fact, the Crosby Easy-Loc V2™ is so efficient, it can even pay for itself over time.

Easy to use

As mentioned above, the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 does not require any cotter pins, nuts, or additional tools which makes installation and removal fast and easy. In addition, the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 is up to 60 percent lighter than a traditional nut and cotter pin securement systems, which makes one-hand installation achievable in most cases. In other words, it’s an ergonomic win.

Tough enough for any job site

The Crosby Easy-Loc V2 boasts a durable 316 stainless steel construction, which helps reduce corrosion in harsh environments. Built tough in the U.S.A., the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 has been tested and approved to meet or exceed all industry standards (including ASME B30.26).

Three steps to bolt securement success

When it comes to using the Crosby Easy-Loc V2, it doesn’t get easier than this: open the collar, push the collar onto the bolt, then close the collar. That’s it—bolt securement done.


To further enhance the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 bolt securement system, Crosby also recently released the new wide grip handle. Ergonomically designed with the end user in mind, the new wide opening grip handle makes the installation and removal of shackle bolts more efficient by providing hassle-free rigging and handling points. The new heavy lift handle encompasses the following benefits:

  • Ergonomic design: reduces potential lifting hazards such as pinch points and bolt coiling.
  • One size fits all: oversized handle enables easy access no matter the hand size.
  • Wide opening grip: provides easy access Easy-Loc_Wide_Grip_Handle.pngfor bolt handling.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Follow the link below to shake up your routine and learn more about how the Crosby Easy-Loc V2 bolt securement system can change the way you approach critical lifts. 




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