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Crosby - August 2016 Newsletter

Posted by Crosby on Aug 15, 2016 3:38:46 PM


New CrosbyIP® Clamp Training Mini-Course 

The CrosbyIP® mini-course provides instruction on the features and applications of CrosbyIP® vertical lifting clamps. The 5-minute mini-course discusses clamps used for single-point picks or for lifts with multiple vertical drop lines, clamps used for multiple-leg slings and clamps used in vertical applications where the material must not be scratched or marred.  Additionally, instruction on the correct usage of load direction charts for vertical lifting clamps is also provided. 

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Crosby Loyalty Among Ironworkers - It's More Than Skin Deep

Product quality and brand integrity is crucial in any line of work, but when it comes to ironworking it can mean the Kyle_Teynor.jpg
difference between a safe jobsite and one that’s hazardous, or even fatal. That’s why Crosby holds a special place in the industry, considered the gold standard by rigging specialists worldwide, like Kyle Teynor of Lexington, OH. 

“I really don’t trust anything that’s not a Crosby, if it’s going to be anywhere near my head or above me. Most of the people I’ve worked for, most of the contractors, that’s all we use is Crosby,” explains Teynor. With over a decade of professional experience under his belt, Teynor is no stranger to the importance of using quality equipment on the job. Whether hanging structural steel, rigging automotive steel presses, or working smaller jobs, the ironworkers that make these jobs possible know that there’s a lot at stake in any rigging scenario.

For Kyle Teynor, having Crosby equipment on the job is non-negotiable. “If I’m on a job and they bring some rigging out and they’re using off-brand shackles or something, I tell them they need to go get the good stuff or I’m not having any part in it.” After over eleven years of relying on Crosby to get the job done, he knows that there’s just no comparison when it comes to quality and reliability. “As far as Crosby shackles, I’ve used everything from the real small ones all the way up to 50 tons, and I’ve never had a problem with one, ever.  They’ve always been really good. Even the ones that have been used for years, and years, and years – they still work like they’re brand new.”

When asked about what keeps work interesting for him each day, Teynor’s response is enthusiastic. “I love my job, and anything that involves building with steel – and the higher up the better, really! I like doing the jobs that are way up in the air.” In fact, when it comes to his love of the job and passion for Crosby quality, he quite literally wears his heart on kyle_teynor_tattoo.jpghis sleeve. A true-to-scale 6.5 ton Crosby shackle is displayed proudly upon the ironworker’s left arm.

It’s a stunning tattoo, and a living tribute to Crosby’s tradition of quality and dependability. The life-size, color piece
was done by a tattoo shop in Medina, OH about five years ago. “I actually took him a 6.5 ton shackle and said, ‘Here! I want this on my arm,’ and he sat it on his desk and sketched it up for me,” recalls Teynor of the artist who did the ink, a buddy’s friend who worked at the shop. 

Teynor’s tattoo is a striking example of the passion we at Crosby see for our brand on a regular basis. It’s this level of excitement and loyalty that we see in our customers each day that fuels our passion to continue with Crosby tradition: providing innovation, selection, quality, and value to our customers worldwide - yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 




ONS (Offshore North Sea) 2016

Booth: 409
August 29-September 1, 2016
Stavanger, Norway


Booth: Hall 12, Booth 12040
November 7-10, 2016
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Liftex 2016

Booth: 30
November 23-24, 2016
Aberdeen, UK

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