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Danny's Rigging Den: How to Determine Length of Sling for Desired Sling Angle

Posted by Crosby on Jan 14, 2019 3:10:49 PM

Have you ever needed to determine the sling length for a desired angle of loading (horizontal sling angle), but perhaps struggled with how to get the correct answer?

If so, hopefully you will find the information below of benefit.

First, you will need to know four pieces of information:

1. Location of center of gravity (COG)

2. Desired sling angle
     ASME B30.9 now calls the horizontal sling angle, the angle of loading.

3. Length factor (L/D) for the desired angle of loading
    Do not sweat this one, the math geeks have already provided this information for      you below.

4. Distance from pick point on the load to COG
     This distance is the “D” in the examples below.

 Click here to test your knowledge!

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