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CrosbyIP Screw Style Clamp

Posted by Crosby on Feb 5, 2018 6:10:00 AM

CrosbyIP Logo.jpg

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution to position and/or turn your plate materials, the CrosbyIP Screw Clamps will do the job. With a forged alloy steel body for weight and strength optimization, individually Proof Tested to 2x WLL and unique serial number, these clamps won’t let you down. The Pivots are hardened with a proprietary hardening process, resulting in a strong, yet ductile core and an extremely high surface hardness.

Of course, all clamps come with a test certificate, user manual and on-site training can be provided with the Crosby Rigging Truck.

CrosbyIP IPSC10.pngCrosbyIP IPSC10_2.jpg



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Devil is in the Details-CrosbyIP Screw Style Clamp

Posted by Crosby on Jan 31, 2018 2:03:05 PM

"Devil is in the Details" 

The CrosbyIP IPSC10 screw style clamp is suitable for use in positioning and turning steel plates and sections.  TheCrosbyIP Logo.jpg pivots (clamp pads) of screw clamps are usually small in size, but actually do all the hard work. When it comes to safety of life and load, CrosbyIP takes care of every little detail of their clamps. The pivots of CrosbyIP clamps undergo a proprietary hardening process, resulting in a strong, yet ductile core and an extremely high surface hardness. To make sure that the pivot keeps the specified hardness and strength, no further surface treatment is done, as this may induce unwanted reactions (such as hydrogen embrittlement).

So, whatever you are lifting or handling, choose CrosbyIP Lifting Clamps

CrosbyIP IPSC10.png



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Danny's Rigging Den: Things to Consider When Connecting Crosby Shackles to Pad Eyes

Posted by Danny Bishop on Jan 25, 2018 1:03:34 PM

Main Image.png

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A Year in Review: A Look Back on 2017

Posted by Crosby on Jan 18, 2018 3:05:29 PM


Since our first patent in 1888, The Crosby group has been paving the way for innovation and better solutions for the rigging and lifting industry. For over a 100 years, we have been the market leader for selection, quality, and value.

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Danny's Rigging Den: Is a Certified Rigger a Qualified Rigger?

Posted by Danny Bishop on Dec 11, 2017 9:44:03 AM

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The Eliminator Chain Sling System

Posted by Crosby on Dec 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

When loads are not properly rigged to the center of gravity, load control and stability suffer; loads and lives are at risk. An eliminator chain sling system can help with this issue, allowing for sling lengths to be adjusted as needed.

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When Is It Time to Remove a Hook from Service?

Posted by Crosby on Nov 30, 2017 9:22:02 AM

Do you know how much a hook throat can be spread (open) before you have to remove it from service? Crosby is here to clear it up.

The Crosby patented QUIC-CHECK® incorporates the strategic placement of marking indicators on traditional rigging products to indicate reference points designed to enhance the safe and proper use of Crosby products.

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NYC Bridge Constructors Use Crosby Rigging Equipment

Posted by Crosby on Nov 1, 2017 10:54:31 AM

It’s a new bridge with a long history. Originally constructed as a cantilever bridge and opened to traffic in 1955, the Tappan Zee Bridge is being replaced with a 3.1 mile twin span, cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Hudson River at its widest point. Although it serves as a vital crossing of the river for New York residents, it wasn’t originally constructed to last. The initial bridge was built in the wake of the Korean War. This resulted in a tight budget and a shortage of quality materials for building. It was meant to last fifty years (at best) and carry max 100,000 cars. But now, with roughly 140,000 cars crossing daily, it has far exceeded its limits and originally planned fifty-year lifespan.

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Shackle to Shackle

Posted by Crosby on Oct 16, 2017 10:21:04 AM

Connecting Shackle to Shackle

The popular Crosby forged chain and anchor shackles (3/16” – 3”) can be point to point loaded to the Working Load Limit without bending of the pin/bolt. Connecting bow to bow, or bow to pin is the preferred method. Connecting pin to pin is also acceptable if there is not interference between the diameter of the shackle ears.

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Crosby Hires Mark Filippelli

Posted by Crosby on Oct 3, 2017 9:28:02 AM

Crosby Hires Mark Filippelli as the Director, Business Development, Infrastructure

Crosby is pleased to announce that Mark Filippelli has joined the Crosby team as a Director, Business Development,Mark Filippelli.png Infrastructure.  Mark will be based out of Montreal, Canada and will be supporting our distributors globally, through the development of strategies to drive Crosby specification, product awareness, and Crosby brand preference at key accounts in the Infrastructure Sector.

We are excited to welcome Mark to the Crosby team.  He has spent the last 12 years working for Honeywell Industrial Safety with a focus on the Infrastructure sector. Mark’s wealth of experience working with companies such as Bechtel, Fluor, CB&I, Aecon will build on Crosby’s long-standing commitment to the Infrastructure sector and our distributors that support it.

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