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Meet the Crosby Rigging Expert: Paul Boeckman

Posted by Crosby on Feb 28, 2018 10:58:52 AM



Paul Boeckman is VP of Product Management & Training for The Crosby Group. He attended Oklahoma State University, where he received his BS in Engineering Technology. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and has held multiple technical and management positions at Crosby since joining in 1984.

He has been responsible for product design and is also heavily involved in standard development organizations within the lifting and load handling industry. Currently, he is responsible for product management and product development at Crosby. 

When he is not working, he enjoys running, spending time with his family, and working on his family farm.

Why He Loves Rigging

Paul’s technical side likes to build things that utilize the mechanical advantage of tackle and rigging to make it easier to move things.

"From the beginning, humans have always wanted to move things," Paul says, "It has been exciting to be a part of the advancements in capacities and methods of rigging, that promote safe lifting and moving of loads."

It has been professionally rewarding for Paul to be a part of this industry, and especially gratifying to be associated with an industry leader like The Crosby Group.

Below is a video of hook test reinforces one of the positive aspects of Crosby products; ductility. The hook opens when overloaded, instead of rupturing. Take a look! 


Paul resides in Tulsa, OK, with his wife, Melody.

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