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A Warranty Replacement Call Transformed into a Mutually Beneficial Opportunity

Posted by Crosby on Aug 10, 2018 3:55:20 PM

Jim DuCharme, Crosby’s District Sales Manager and Product Trainer for the West Coast, had received a call from one of Crosby’s strategic distribution partners, that an end user had broken a cam segment in one of their IP plate clamps. They are a manufacturer that produces tank heads and accessories. They were interested in a warranty replacement. Jim called the safety manager to inquire how they broke the jaw, and was invited over to the shop to be shown how they were using the clamp.

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Jim observed the area where they broke the clamp and was able to determine why they broke the jaws. The reasons included; shock loading and side loading of the clamp. After the walk-through, Jim and the safety manager discussed the potential issues the end user could face, because of their current rigging set-up. Jim encouraged them to commit to a Crosby Rigging Training at their facility, and eventually presented two safe rigging training classes for everyone in the shop.  Both classes were very successful and with all the questions and concerns, each class lasted nearly 5 hours. Jim had never done a class where the attendees were so engaged and anxious to learn.

Commercial Metal Forming

Within a week after the class, the safety manager was placing orders to replace his chain slings (which used Crosby components - ONLY). Since then, he has also ordered several replacement clamps and repair kits.

On a follow up call, the safety manager had shown Jim some inventive products they had created for lifting the tank heads. Jim forwarded the photos and videos to the Crosby IP Product Support Team, who are now looking to see if these ideas can turn into useful rigging products. The warranty replacement call Jim had originally received from the end user, turned out to be a mutually beneficial opportunity for everyone involved; Crosby, our valued distributor, and the end user.

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Rig Safe. Rig Smart. Rig Crosby. 


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